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Sapphire Crystal Application-Laser Host and Optical Element

Sapphire crystal is an excellent laser host materials, such as titanium-doped sapphire crystal is the world's most outstanding broadband tunable laser crystal today, its tunable wavelength range of 660 ~ 1200nm. Moulton was first reported since 1982 to achieve laser oscillation since, because of its very wide tuning range and high gain, etc., which have been widely and well studied. With sapphire optical penetration range is very wide, from near-ultraviolet to mid-infrared light wavelength 0.9nm wavelength 5.5μm have good light transmittance, and within the band of 0.25 ~ 4.5μm is still more than 80% penetration rate; making large size, high integrity sapphire single crystal has been used as the matrix material US LICO (Laser interferometer gravitational observatory) project and other large interferometric device for measuring cosmic gravity waves in the preferred spectral components. Sapphire crystal used in civilian areas has also been very widely, such as in medical equipment, environmental equipment, laser equipment, chemical equipment, high vacuum test equipment, fiber guide wire plate textile industry, bar code scanners to scan window, never wear type Rado watch Mongolia and the like.

Sapphire Crystal Application-Laser Host and Optical Element

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